High quality ceramic coating
for Classic & Sports Cars

as well as motor homes, ships, boats and airplanes

What can we do for you?

  • Increasing and conserving the value of classic cars and classic sports cars
  • Protection and preservation of the original state
  • On-Site Service
    On request, we come to you and your vehicle, mobile home or boat
  • Free Car Rental Service
  • Paint and surface inspection
  • Multiple hand wash with organic shampoo
  • Intensive in-depth cleaning of paint surface
  • Scratch and hologram correction
  • Multi-stage polishing up to deep gloss (high gloss)
  • Neutralization and degreasing of painted surfaces
  • High-quality and durable coating (ceramic coating)
  • Processing of plastic parts and matt / scratched headlights
  • Processing of chrome and aluminum / chrome wheels
  • Work-up and long-term finishing of glass plates (incl. windscreen)
  • Professional photo shooting of classic cars and classic sports cars for significant improvement and perfect history, as well as high end large format images for halls, offices, clubs, exhibitions, print, etc.
  • Creation of a certificate
  • Creation of a warranty certificate (minimum 5 years)
  • Care Service, surfaces / Care sponsorships

Ceramic coating for cars, vintage cars and sports cars

  • What is noble and expensive, must be maintained in accordance with high quality!

Our ceramic long-term refinement preserves a top condition permanently and significantly increases the market value of your vehicle.
Due to our long-term quality finishing aggressive environmental influences such as harsh UV rays, acid rain, corrosion, resin, tar, etc. can no longer harm the paint. Why? Because nothing comes in contact with your paint anymore. The ceramic protective layer prevents this.
A long-time processing with this unique product provides maximum safety, cost efficiency and economy and contributes significantly to long-term value creation and value preservation of your object.

  • After ceramic sealing you need only 20 minutes for a hand wash!

And that without any chemicals. You only need a flower sprayer with 1 liter of water and a little pH neutral (Bio) shampoo. No more polishes are required for the future. You make a valuable contribution to environmental and climate protection and save time and money.

  • Hot brake dust is no more danger for your valuable wheels!

Our long-term finishing is heat resistant up to 650°C. This means no more burn holes in your expensive aluminum or chrome wheels. The hot brake dust no longer adheres and can easily be wiped. That's the result of the excellent cleaning properties of the sealing.


Ceramic coating for motorhomes and caravans

  • Motorhomes and caravans must withstand the hardest environmental conditions!

The vehicles stand outside all year round and are exposed to all weather conditions. Rain, snow, ice, heat, harsh UV rays and lasting moisture, favoring mold and moss formation. Resin trees, leaves and insects are more problems with which all proud owners struggling. Especially during the winter time dirt accumulates, which is abrasive and therefore can cause scratches. In the long term running water and dirt causes the dreaded "runners" or "dirty noses". The UV radiation causes the unsightly yellowish discoloration of plastics.

  • The surface is permanently protected!

With our long-term ceramic finishing all problems are obsolete. After intensive cleaning, several special polishes and the final finishing with our Protector, the surface is permanently protected. Cleanliness and gloss are conserved and nothing gets into direct contact with the substrate (paint, aluminum or plastic).

  • Easy and environmentally friendly cleaning!

With out long-term finishing , cleaning of the soiled surface is very easy. You can completely do it without any chemical cleanser. Simply take a bucket of water with a dash of biodegradable shampoo or our organic cleaner and degreaser and wash the caravan or motorhome ... done. This protects the groundwater and thus the environment. Our product is a valuable contribution to sustainable environmental protection.


Ceramic coating for yachts, ships and boats

  • Durable and high-quality protection!

Long-term finishing your yacht, ship or boat, preserves permanently your valuable property and saves time and money. Our coating protects sensitive surfaces by transparent ceramic against environmental influences and harsh UV rays.

  • Prevents corrosion!

The innovative coating makes all surfaces 100 % waterproof. Thus, the osmosis on hull and corrosion on all metallic materials such as stainless steel, brass, chrome, etc. is prevented. The aggressive salt air just will not come into contact with the base material.

  • Easy cleaning without chemicals!

Algae and mussels on the hull will not get proper grip and can be removed without much effort. Clean your boat easily with plain water and a dash of organic shampoo that does not pollute the water. So you protect the environment sustainably. In the future you do not need any chemistry. A clean boat / ship always makes a positive and well-kept impression. The highly transparent ceramic coating is absolutely non-toxic by the way (it even has a certificate for food grade) and does not cause allergies, such as caused by chemical or nano sealers.


Ceramic coating for airplanes and helicopters

  • Premium surface finishing and lasting UV protection

Our ceramic coating for airplanes and helicopters is extremely UV-resistant. In addition, our premium finishing positively changes the electrical conducting properties of a surface (e.g. friction, static charge and discharge, sparks or lightning). Defrosting of coated planes and helicopters on the ground will be considerably simpler and faster. Everything runs completely off not only the ice, but the dirt at the same time. The general time saving and the reduced maintenance times save considerable costs.

  • Improved aerodynamics

Our premium long-term finishing favors ideally aerodynamic properties because water and dirt don't bond to the surface. A clean and dry surface has substantially reduced air resistance and prevents little air turbulences. Both permanently saves extremely much fuel.

  • High temperature resistance

Our ceramic coating works ideally in a temperature range between -50 °C and +650 °C. Even briefly up to -70 °C to +850 °C. So our coating protects the material ideal against hot turbine gases.